Welcome to Cooperatics!

Welcome to Cooperatics!
Cooperatics is a weblog about cooperation, economics and technology. In other words, our main focus will be on how the current revolution of cooperation, sharing and participative technologies is changing the world and business as we knew it.

Cooperatics is also a consulting and training firm, helping companies to make the most of these new management approaches and technological tools.

On this blog, you will read news and analyses about cooperative management and technologies including blogs, wikis, social networks and P2P platforms. Of course, these are just examples, as technology is always surprising us!

I founded Cooperatics in 2004 and posted my first note on June 10th on the French version of the site, Cooperatique. At this time, working as an IT journalist, I realized a peaceful revolution was taking place in the business world, due to the convergence between a new way of thinking in the workplace and new values, on the one hand, and technologies enabling them, on the other hand.

To discuss these new trends and share my experience, I decided to create the Cooperatique blog and then company. I am pleased today to launch the English version!

In order to learn more about myself, feel free to visit my personal website.

Also, you can check my book, Wikis, zones of collective intelligence, and its associated wiki: leswikis

Talk to you soon!


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