Open the Pandora jukebox !

Pandora is a brand new adaptive online jukebox that suits your music tastes the more you use it.

Like Yahoo!Music (also known as Launchcast), the website gradually learns your musical tastes so as to broadcast titles you are likely to enjoy. The main difference is that you just have to enter a title you like and the system will find similar titles and explain you why it chose them (rhythm, mood, slow or fast, etc.). You can also share your customized radio stations, just like with Mercora.

Try it: it is pretty addictive !

Via Marketing & innovation


Feb 04, 2006:

Pandora has just added new sharing and notification features, making it a little bit more cooperative.

Dec 20, 2006:

Pandora has enhanced its socializing features through additional profile information for members: musical preferences, bios, bands fan clubs, etc.

Via Techcrunch (again).


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