A WikiBook about the new power of Internet users

Le nouveau pouvoir des internautes
I would like to mention an interesting initiative taking place in France. A book called “The new power of Internet users” (or “Le nouveau pouvoir des internautes”) has been recently published. It deals with the impact of the Web and other connecting technologies on society and politics. What is most interesting is that the book was first released online before being available in bookshops. More than 2,000 people have already downloaded it for free. To top it all, the whole text is available on a wiki inviting people to modify and complement the book and even write a new chapter. This project was launched on April, 24th and will continue for 80 days. After this journey “Around the book in 80 days”, a new edition of the book will be published, provided there are enough contributions. All the benefits from the sales of the physical book will be given to various associations aiming at bridging the digital divide, including the Wikimedia Foundation.

Cooperatics is proud to be a partner of this project.

The wiki: http://www.nouveaupouvoir.org

More information (in French): http://www.cooperatique.com/?p=84


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