Share your tailor-made Web

Social bookmarking tools such as or blogmarks have made it possible to share your bookmarks for a while. But Clipmarks goes one step ahead. It allows you to select texts, images, links of interests in one or several Web sites and to “clip” them in a note. All you need is a Firefox entension (there is also a version for Internet Explorer) that will add a couple of buttons to your toolbars. You will be able to clip as many items as you want and then save them with a few remarks and tags. It is up to you to decide if you want your clip to be public or private. If it is public, other people can comment on it and also vote for it so that it can be promoted as popular, if you are lucky. The application is really pleasant to use and a genuine sense of community among “clippers” has arose, as far as I could see.


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