Wikipedia on your mobile phone

Let’s say you are visiting a city unknown to you and that you have forgotten your travel guide. How can you learn more about this magnificent statue in front of you ? Or imagine you are enjoying a peaceful week-end in the country, yet preparing your Monday morning meeting and you need to find a piece of information. The trouble is you have no access to the Web. What can you possibly do ?

Don’t worry, a service can help you. It is called Wapedia and what it does is simply to bring Wikipedia’s enormous quantity of content to your mobile phone (or PDA). Using it with your phone, you only need it to be Wap-enabled, but most of them are.

This mobile site is quite well done, with large articles split in several pages and with images and links available.

You cannot edit yet. But the day will come when you can…

Via Smartmobs


One Response to “Wikipedia on your mobile phone”

  1. Thierry Brethes Says:

    There is a new service which enables Wikipedia access on your mobile, it’ called Unyverse. It is smart client application running on your Java , Symbian or Windows Mobile Phone.
    It has nice advantages over the pure WAP/WEB access:
    1) The reading experience is better I think because your can scroll page by page and adapt the font size
    2) You can bookmark articles and retrieve them on your unyverse web account
    3) You read access offline all your previously downloaded articles, which is usefull when there is no or slow network data coverage.
    4) It is faster because the entire article content is downloaded compressed, then you can read any section instantly

    There is a nice demo on You Tube at :

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