AgoraVox launches a wiki-based platform for citizen journalism

Wiki-based citizen journalismAgoraVox is a famous Web site in France gathering hundreds of bloggers who accept that their posts be re-published or choose to write directly on the site. Every day, a new edition of a collective digital newspaper is available for thousands of people to comment. In spite of the success of the site, which can be measured through audience and number of comments, one limitation was that many articles were still mere analyses or reactions on news available elsewhere. To go further, the initiator of AgoraVox, Carlo Revelli, decided to launch an additional wiki called WikiEnquête (“WikiSurvey”) where people can decide to work jointly on a topic, look for information, double check it, and release fresh information: in one word, do journalism. The site was launched 2 weeks ago and is still working on its work processes: should a chief editor be “officially” nominated to coordinate efforts on some articles ? Should he/she be rewarded by micropayment or are passion and reputation enough ? It will be interesting to see if a community appears and the solutions they will find.
PS : there is an English version of AgoraVox but without such an initiative at this stage, as far as I can see.


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