International wiki conference approaching in Montreal

WikiSym 2007The 2007 International Symposium on Wikis, WikiSym 2007, will be held October 21-23 in Montréal, Québec, Canada. This year’s theme is: “Wikis at Work in the World:Open, Organic, Participatory Media for the 21st Century”.

Leaders of wiki research and industry will attend and speak, such as:

  • Jonathan GrudinJonathan Grudin (Microsoft Research), one of the world’s leading researcher on Computer Supported Collaborative Work (keynote speaker)
  • Ward CunninghamWard Cunningham (AboutUs), inventor of the wiki concept, who will give the closing talk
  • Peter ThoenyPeter Thoeny (StructuredWikis), creator of TWiki, who will give a half day tutorial on wikis in the workplace
  • Jim PurbrickThe program also includes two headline speakers from ooPSLA, WikiSym’s host conference. Jim Purbrick (photograph) and Mark Lentczner, creators of Second Life, will talk about this collaboratively built 3D virtual world.

    Peter Turchi
    , award-winning author of “Maps of the Imagination”, will talk about the relationships between creative writing, making maps, and creativity.
    Maps of imagination

    More information and registration :


    One Response to “International wiki conference approaching in Montreal”

    1. tbrethes Says:

      There is a new service, called Unyverse, which is the first Mobile Wiki platform. Looks an interesting evolution for wikis, as people are using more and more mobile phone and have now GPRS/3G connection.

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