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A definition of community

June 13, 2008

Martin Roulleaux Dugage provides a very interesting definition of a community versus a network or a group. A community is a network that has decided to auto-organize by adopting 6 attributes:

  • a frontier
  • You are whether in or out the community

  • a reason of being
  • Why do we decide to stick together in the first place ? What meaning does it have ?

  • a commitment
  • Community members are committed to achieve something. In that respect, for instance, active Wikipedians form a community, since they edit articles and create new ones on a regular basis.

  • rules
  • Community is no jungle. Social interactions are governed by a set of rules, or an etiquette.

  • a language
  • Community members share words. It can be a jargon. At any rate, it helps them communicate and create a feeling of belonging.