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The Narcissism of Leaders

December 19, 2007

The Narcissism of LeadersSome time ago I was able to attend an interesting presentation of Bénédicte Haubold’s book The Narcissism of Leaders , by the author herself. She interviewed executives, managers, and heads of companies to define the role of narcissism within leadership. What emerges from it, among other things, is that the same is true for narcissism as for cholesterol: there is a good narcissism and a bad. It is a force present inside each of us, which reveals that we are interested in the image that we present to others. In this sense, it proves that we are interested in others. It is also synonymous with self-esteem, and self-esteem is indeed a strength. Where narcissism breaks down is when it cuts us off from reality, when we are only interested in the image that we project on others for our own sake. In the case of the leader, this pathological narcissism can have serious consequences for the company.