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10 funny or strange ways to use Periscope

September 14, 2015

Logo PeriscopePeriscope is the social platform recently bought by Twitter that makes it possible for anyone to shoot a video and broadcast it live. Viewers can leave comments, interacting live with the Pericaster.

Here is a list of 10 ways of using Periscope that we have discovered through our wanderings in this realm of live video.

1. Friendly gathering

  • On a Saturday morning, in a cafe in Italy, a group of friends talk and joke loudly, and then start singing a wild song.
  • A group of friends is having dinner and film their meals and their songs.

2. « Walk with me »

  • Just people walking in the street or in a mall and filming what they see. It gave us the opportunity to go for a nice virtual walk in Washington DC, while chatting with the Pericaster. Periscope makes the world even smaller!
Periscope walk

Periscope walk

  • Alternative: “drive with me.”

3. Bored teenagers

One or several teenagers launch a desperate cry: “Come talk with me!”

4. Sightseeing tour

A person virtually guided us through Central Park. She was quite professional. Her documented talk was the quality of a touristic guide.

5. Live broadcast of a public event